Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We're the Mayo's. 


Iā€™m Danielle. I'm a wife, mom, organization-fanatic, interior design amateur, wedding-lover,  and ice cream aficionado. I'm a project manager by day, but enjoy writing in my free time. 

My handsome hubby is Chris. He's a former lacrosse player, turned finance professional, and a huge fan of the Yankees, golf and fantasy football. 

We live in the suburbs of NY with our son, CJ, and our furry brown dog, Duncan. We love the beach, exploring/having adventures together, spending time with friends & family and making our house into our home. In the past few years, we got married, bought a house, started renovating, became parents & lots of little things in between.

I started this blog as a place to capture and reflect on it all.  But, I've struggled to keep up with it and my perfectionist nature has a tendency to be very "all or nothing" so it's been neglected. Now, I'm hoping to use this as a platform to tell our story, especially to share our experience as parents of a preemie. I want to look back here and be able to remember the challenges we faced and how those moments felt -- the good and the bad.