It's about the marriage...

Wedding planning has been relatively easy for me and Chris. I booked the first venue I saw, without Chris even there (he saw it two days later!). I bought my dress at the first store. We secured all our top choices on vendors. But now it’s time to think about the details. And it’s harder for me to chose what flower should go on the guys boutinierres than where to celebrate our day! Brides and grooms have so many places to look for inspiration now, it makes it almost harder to plan. Chris and I have been trying to enjoy all the decisions and the tasks (ok, so maybe he didn't love Saturday morning envelope labeling, I may have been being bossy…more about that below). We’ve done so much of it together and because I have the best fiance in the world we’ve agreed on everything.

But regardless we want to keep the whole “it’s about the marriage, not just the wedding” idea in mind. If after the day is over we’re married then everything was perfect. Even though I work as a wedding coordinator in hopes of making the details run smoothly, I still think this is the most important thing to keep in mind. People have high expectations for their wedding day, but I think getting married in the church keeps us grounded and serves as a constant reminder.

Back to that Saturday morning project, I recruited (required?) Chris to help me prepare our save-the-dates for mailing.  They were designed by my amazing friend and super talented designer, Abby. We wanted a magnet with a picture from our engagement shoot, but Abby had the idea to attach the magnet to a card for a more customized look.  She printed individual labels for each address and Chris was MUCH better than I was at putting them on straight, so he got stuck doing the bulk of it. They came out great!