Good news!

Well, there’s been a great turn of events! House #3 came back to us last Friday because their other potential buyers didn’t work out. They asked us to come up just $3k to meet the previous offer which we did. Then, we started scrambling to get an engineer in asap. Luckily my dad recommended someone and he was able to squeeze us in yesterday. I was super nervous because the fact that the other deal didn’t work out made me think there must be a structural issue, but we knew we needed to just push forward.

Throughout this process, Chris and I have complained that there’s no protection for the buyer. We had to pay for an inspection without knowing anything about the previous inspection that had been done. We had to put in offers and hear about other bidders without knowing if that was for real.

In any event, things went pretty well. I took notes as the engineer rattled off a variety of issues, but all-in-all nothing that drastic that would make us walk away. As first time homebuyers, knowing that all maintenance is on us and not our landlords is a little stressful. Luckily, my hubby is pretty handy. And neither of us expect things to be perfect right away.

Can’t wait to start sharing photos of our soon-to-be home and it’s transformation here!