This week, there’s a blog post going around the internet of a toddler snuggled up with his puppy-brother.  I couldn’t resist posting my own version of Duncan snuggled up with Chris and I. That dog loves snuggling more than anything else.  We often say that all that he wants is for the three of us to be together all the time. We, like the mom in the post, originally intended on crating Duncan but we finally broke down and just let him sleep with us.

The funny thing is, the last few weeks he has been more independent.  He goes into his crate on his own (we leave the door open) and sleeps there for part of the night. He even heads into the bedroom before Chris and I leave the living room sometimes. We’re not sure what this phase is about! But for the time being, I’m enjoying the bit of extra space in our full size bed, because clearly we get plenty of cuddle time with Duncan.