Beating the daily grind

Since we both work full-time (relatively long hours) and commute into the city, the weeks have started to feel like a constant grind. Working for the weekend has become a constant topic between Chris and I. At least when we lived in Manhattan we had everything at our fingertips and our commute was a 15 minute walk. Plus, the cold weather has been tough for us and we are never home during daylight hours. We’ve decided to put some effort into making the weeks more enjoyable. Or, just enjoying the little things more.

First instituted: Fajita Mondays! 

We both LOVE fajitas and having them planned for Monday night dinners means we start the week with something to look forward to.  Plus, a fave television show of ours (Revolution) airs on Monday nights so we make a whole night of it.

Some other ideas include:

  • Taking Duncan on walks in the evenings— exercise for us and him :)
  • Invite a couple of friends over for an easy dinner during the week
  • Some sort of hobby we can do together, like playing tennis
  • Running together. We have never really run together and I don’t work out much right now but a short run in the evening could be a good way to work up some endorphins
  • Beach on nights we’re home early enough. Last year, we said we’d walk the Long Beach Boardwalk together, and we never did and now it’s no longer there. Made me realize we need to just get out there and do more

To be honest, we haven’t gotten too far on these ideas since most of them require warmer weather/more hours of daylight. But hopefully this will allow us to reflect back when the days get longer and the temperatures higher, and make these a reality.