Selecting our Wedding Vendors

Picking our vendors has gone pretty smoothly.  I wanted people we liked personally and trusted. People I knew would show up and get the job done. And be nice.

The first vendor I booked (after the venue) was our videographer.  I had seen a short editted clip of his on The Woodland’s Facebook page.  He had filmed a wedding there and although I never met the couple, I cried while watching and then I watched it over and over. I hadn’t even known I wanted a wedding video. But then I knew I NEEDED one, and that videographer had to be this guy, AJ Ingoglia.  I called him in July when he was busy filming other weddings, but was lucky enough to get him on the phone and discuss our wedding. His vibe was just our style, laid-back, fun, funny.  I knew that he would make sure he captured the day the way we wanted.

We booked our DJ via a recommendation from AJ– he refers people to Marc Bauman.  He’s a Long Island guy so he drove over our apartment and hung out with Chris, Duncan and I.  He’s a straight-forward and personable and I felt relieved to know that he, himself, would be the one at our wedding (not some farmed out employee who I’d never met).  Marc also showed us video of the MC who I liked because he wasn’t over-the-top.  Plus, he knows the venue and would handle all the lighting.

Finding our florist took a little more investigating because I didn’t know how much the flowers I wanted should cost.  We met and really liked Sheryl from Black Dahlia, but I thought we should get a few more quotes.  I tried out The Woodlands 2 other preferred florists, but they were much more expensive and I knew the service wouldn’t be as personal as I’d get with Sheryl. After we had booked, Sheryl created a beautiful centerpiece for us and I was sure she understood my vision.

I’ll write more about our other vendors (photographers, hair/makeup, transportation, dress, etc) in a future post!