Bridal Party Gifts

One of the things we knew from the start of wedding planning was that we were going to have a huge bridal party.  I have 11 bridesmaids and Chris has 13 groomsmen.  We joke about it being a circus, but it’s important to Chris and I to have all of our best friends by our side on the big day. Each of them has made such an important impact on our life and we wouldn’t be who we are without them.

We spent a lot of time thinking about bridal party gifts because we wanted to give them something personal.  I spend way too much time on Etsy so found that especially helpful in this search. The girls are wearing gray, so I decided on necklaces with a pop of purple.  I had these customized by the seller to match the color I had in mind.   I also gave each bridesmaid a gray clutch purse, with a special quote or note from me attached to the inside of the bag. This part took forever– deciding on what to say on each note! Inside the clutch I threw in a wedding day itinerary, tissues and gum.

Chris is a fan of all things mustaches so he had flasks customized with his groomsmen’s name and a ‘stache.  He also gave each of them black Converse sneakers to change into after the church and purple and black argyle socks. We packed this in a black drawstring tote so they had something to carry it in to the wedding. Groomsmen also received a wedding day itinerary with all times and locations.

Piece of advice: If ordering gifts on Etsy: get a sample first. If you’re ordering something handmade/customized in bulk, make sure it’s what you have in mind prior to ordering multiples! You may have to pay shipping twice, but I think it’s worth that small expense.