Exploring Creativity

The great thing about this world we live in is that it’s truly possible to follow your dreams and passions and achieve success. And while I love my day job, I feel so inspired by the amazing creatives, entrepreneurs, and small biz owners who I follow that are pursuing their passions on the side (or full-time). I know it takes tons of hard work to make it happen. The success stories I see online and through the blogs I love aren’t built overnight. They are putting their hearts and souls into these things. But even if the perfectionist in me wasn’t scared – ok, terrified – to fail, I don’t yet know what my passions are. And that’s been such a blocker for me.

But I want to change that. I want to start taking chances. Push myself to explore even if I don’t know if ill be good. Try new things. Fail. A few things I want to try:

  • Photography class
  • Calligraphy practice
  • Writing more- blog a few times a week at least
  • Attend a conference like Creative at Heart or a MeetUp or something similar

I don’t know where I will end up but I can create an environment that allows me to experience. I tell myself that I’d be able to put the effort in if I really wanted something, but I find myself procrastinating even writing this blog because I’m afraid I won’t be good. But why not just open myself up more and seek out lots of different outlets? Maybe I’m the only one or maybe lots of us feel disconnected from or haven’t found our passions yet. Has anyone done any exploring of their own?