The Big Move

We couldn’t wait to get into our new house, but as with most closings it took us months from hearing “It’s yours!” to actually moving in. The good thing for us is that with a month-to-month lease on our apartment we could be super flexible. We had our closing in early February (ie, signed our lives away!) and thought we’d be able to move in a few days later on Super Bowl Sunday. Though not ideal, at least it was a weekend day so we could recruit a few helpers. Unfortunately, the sellers pushed us to move in on Monday. All day Sunday we finished packing and then went over to a friends for the big game– the first time Chris hadn’t hosted a Super Bowl party in 20 years. The weather was an unseasonably warm 55 degrees, so that had us crossing our fingers for the same type of weather for move-in. Of course we weren’t so lucky. When we looked outside at 6am on move-in Monday, snow was falling and fast.

After spending the entire morning carrying boxes back and forth in the wet snow, we got a call from our sellers around 10 am asking if we could delay the move because their movers weren’t willing to drive the truck in the snow. We held firm on moving in, but were a bit nervous about driving our own truck. We had some help from our friend Kevin to load out furniture, then when we got to our new home we recruited some of my cousins who had a snow day.

It was a cold, wet, tiring day but we did it! And we could actually call ourselves homeowners for the first time.