I thought I’d start with a gratitude list. I’ve been feeling incredibly lucky and blessed in life right now. It feels like I’m in the right place for once and I want to hold on to that. And, well, it’s Thanksgiving week so all the cool kids are doing it.

  • I’m grateful for finding the love of my life
  • I’m grateful for steps I’ve taken to care for myself
  • I’m grateful for gel manicures
  • I’m grateful that I’m close with my parents
  • I’m grateful for friends I can trust no matter what

I keep reading how important it is to keep gratitude top of mind. It’s working for me. Lately, I feel lighter, unburdened. Also, I’m realizing, life is not about being perfect (which is something I’ve had trouble letting go of since birth)… it’s about being here. I’m less likely to get down about the little things if I’m not expecting things to always be a certain way.