The Road to our Dream Home

Buying a house is hard.  Since we got back from our honeymoon, we’ve spent a few hours each weekend looking at houses. During the week, we look online to find homes we want to see, plus we’ve been saving money like crazy for our down payment and filing out the mortgage pre-approval paperwork. We’ve also been crunching the numbers to make sure that our mortgage is reasonable and in line with the rest of our expenses.

So when we finally saw a listing for what we thought would be THE house, we brought our parents along because we knew we’d need to make an offer right away.  The home was a large split-level, 4 bedroom house with a beautiful “bonus” room that Chris and I already pictured having friends and family over to watch football and celebrate holidays in.

We’d noticed that houses were going pretty quick so we didn’t want to delay. We started at 91% of list price, as our agent said homes are currently going between 90 and 95% of list price.  We consider ourselves “strong buyers” as we plan to put down 20% and we’re pre-approved.  We heard back pretty soon after that there were other offers and ours needed to come up significantly to even be considered. We went up to 95% of list price, thinking that would put us in the running and give us room for the seller to counter-offer.  Unfortunately, even that wasn’t good enough and we found out that they accepted an offer OVER list price.

Chris and I figured that was a fluke and while crossing our fingers we’d hear back from them again if the deal fell through, we headed out the following weekend to keep looking.  The next weekend, I fell for a slightly smaller more affordable home.  Chris was a little more skeptical, because he wants to buy a forever home.  I thought this was a great starter home with potential to grow. We decided to put in an offer at about 92% of list price, again as a starter. We found out again there were LOTS of offers so we went up to 99% of list price. Still, that wasn’t enough and they accepted an offer $2k over asking.  We had the opportunity to go up, but we decided to stick to our guns and if it didn’t work out, then it wasn’t the house for us.

This past weekend, we saw a home that we could’ve lived in our whole lives. It was a huge hi-ranch with 5 bedrooms and a first floor apartment we could’ve rented out for the time being.  We knew there was an accepted offer on the house but thought that the fact that they’re showed it to us meant that they would consider our offer.  We bid 97% of list price, again to give us some flexibility. We found out yesterday that they went with another offer with no chance to counter. They could still come back to us if the other deal falls through, but I was massively disappointed.

I keep trying to believe that “everything happens for a reason” but I’m getting tired of looking every weekend.  At this point, we’ve seen about 55 houses. The good part of this is that when the right house comes around, we’re ready to jump on it. Plus, we’re month-to-month on our current lease so we don’t have any reason to feel rushed.  I’m just super excited to take this step with Chris and can’t wait to move into our first home together.