Getting Started

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, but I’ve been too scared. I’m constantly self-editing- afraid of what others will think, afraid I won’t be good enough. I’ve been challenging myself lately to just trust my creativity. Maybe I’ve been reading some creativity unleashing self-help books…maybe now just is the time. So here it is.

I want to use this as a place to talk about everything. I know that’s broad and most blogs are more focused but I’ve tried writing about running or about weddings specifically and I’ve gotten distracted too quickly.

Here’s my story- I’m Danielle, a late twenty something with a handsome fiancé and the cutest puppy on the planet. We live in the suburbs— after living in the city for 6 years I’m still surprised I made the move but I love it.  I just left my (somewhat) cushy magazine marketing job for a startup that has me feeling inspired for the first time in a long time.  We are planning our wedding and saving to buy a house.  I’m inspired by photography, passionate people, teachers, my parents. I love organization, weddings, the color purple. I talk fast and loud when I’m excited— my fiancé thinks its cute but I think it’s embarrassing. My family and I are incredibly close.

This blog won’t be perfect, but I hope you’ll read along.