Great News!

We had the best news today! 

When CJ was about 5 weeks old, a nurse heard a murmur. After some testing, we found out that it was an ASD, atrial septal defect, essentially a hole in his heart. This was not caused by his prematurity, he would have had it regardless as that part of his heart would have already developed by 29 weeks. 

Since discharge from the hospital, he has been tracked by cardiology and he's taken Lasix to help remove fluid and make his body have to work a little less hard. He's done really well on the medication and I credit that to helping his weight gain, since he didn't have to burn calories just breathing.  We jokingly called his twice daily doses "goose juice". 

Back in March, Chris had taken him to a cardiology appointment and the results weren't that great. Due to the size of the hole, our doctor thought they may need to do open-heart surgery to repair it. I had never realized this was even an option, I thought if anything he would need a laparoscopic procedure. Chris said the doctor we met in the hospital initially had told us about the potential need for this type of surgery. I must have just blocked that out. We scheduled an appointment for May and figured we'd go from there. 

When I took him in May, the doctor was happy to report that the hole was significantly smaller. CJ would have to remain on his medication and come back in a few months. 

All this excitement tired CJ out!

All this excitement tired CJ out!

Well, today I took him and Dr. Hayes was excited to tell me that the hole had gone down even more dramatically. So much so that we could stop giving him his medication and not return for a year. She said the hole could still close on it's own and that it's unlikely we'll even need to do any procedure even if it doesn't close all the way. 

Also, on the hospital scale he weighed 17 pounds, 12 ounces and he measured 27.5 inches tall.

What a great way to start the weekend! After having a sick kiddo all last weekend, it was awesome to have such a positive change.