Apgar Score

One of the things that CJs baby book (which is specially designed for preemies) asked was his Apgar scores. I realized I had never been told (or didn't remember) what they were, so one day I asked his nurse if she could look them up for me. 

She seemed somewhat hesitant to share with me and once she did reveal them, I realized quickly why they didn't tell me them. They score the baby on a 10 point scale, 2 points each for appearance, pulse, grimace response, activity, respiration. CJ was a 1, then a 4, then finally an 8. 

He had to be intubated since he wasn't breathing at birth, so I expected his scores to be low. But these were even lower than I had thought. I was glad I didn't know this right away and also pretty glad no one was in the room during that time since it must have been pretty scary! Apgar scores don't say much about a child's overall health so judging him based on those numbers was pretty much pointless anyway. But knowing these, it did help me understand why the doctor always told me how traumatic his start had been. Now, I look at it in amazement of his strength!